Have those of you who believe in this particularreligion ever wonderd what would the world have been like if Lucifer had won his war?  The reason for my off the wall question is because even as I type these words I am listening to a perfect example of an alternate Earth, the testimony of AG Sessions.

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Listening to it, I feel as if I fell through a wormhole and into a world where the person responsible for enforcing the nation’s laws openly chooses to, if not actually perjure himself, than to deliberately obstruct the investigation into what is probably one of the most disturbing breaches of national security in history, insomuch as the entire cabinet of this administration and its various proxies, along with the president himself have been either accidently or overtly severely compromised by a foreign government.

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AG Sessions is a fool.  He is a fool because in this bizarro world that he and the others of the Trump administration inhabit, they believe that not one single one of them should be held accountable for their actions, nor do they believe that the obvious tampering by the Russians into the elections just simply don’t exist.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a writer so I am completely for the exercising of a healthy fantasy life, it is the bread butter of the imagination, but to so clearly deny not only his shady actions but also that of his boss and others around them, it smacks of either a great decption, or serious dementia.  But is this so surprising considering that our present president is a tweeting twit?

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And this exactly what they are trying to do, the Trump administration, they are trying to persuade us that this horse is dead and that we should move on.

Okay I have been polite enough.. I am distracted right now by the sheer weight of bullshit that I am hearing.  Even through the computer the stench of doo doo is so rank that I will presently have to go outside and bathe myslef in sulfuric acid to remove this incredible odor.  The fact is I didn’t start out writing this post with an anti-AG agenda, I had hoped for some sort of integrity on his part, but since none is forthcomin, well if the shoe fits well I’ll wear them to negotiate this huge pile of shit that I am hearing.

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Stay tuned for more……..


The New Face of Justice

Well the Department of Justice has a new face and judging by what we have seen so far it is as if the Trump administration has decided to bare their ass cheeks to the nation and say “fuck all the progress that has been made in the criminal justice system through the last two administrations, we are going to turn back the clock so kiss my ass if you don’t like it!”  Actually that is exactly what Mr.  Sessions is saying he has just not couched it in those words.  But what can we expect when the Attorney General has that Alabama Look in his eyes.

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Yeah you know that look, the “lynch him!’ look.  Yeah I said it.  But I only said what everyone with any scrap of intelligence already knows, that this man, not because of where he is from, but because of who he is, is an unapologetic racist fanatic and we the people, unfortunately have him at the helm of the very part of goverment that is supposed to be blind and impartial to race, color or creed.

The fact is George W. Bush was a Southern Christian conservative yet he appointed more African Americans to real positions of power (not HUD Secretary like Bill or Donald) than any previous president , as well as beginning the prison and criminal reform so ably continued by the Obama administration.  So being Southern and Christian and conservative does not preclude doing the right thing.

The reality is that this president’s entire cabinet is made up of individuals with which Donald Trump, the ultimate deal maker made deals with to help secure the presidency, and now that they are in the pinnacle positions of power that they sought they have begun to pursue their right-wing agendas.  Have you never wondered why Rudy Giuliani was not made AG?  Quite simply because he is not Machiavelllian enogh for the rest of them.

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The fact is though, they have miscalculated.  Resuming harsh penalties for minor drug offences will not devastate the minority communities as it did in the Nineties, it will instead hit their own voter base, after all the epidemic of opioid addiction has hit Middle America worst than anywhere else and if Sessions’ agenda passes, people like their darling Rush Limbaugh will not get away with a slap on the wrist for illegally possessing hundreds of pills of Oxyconytin.

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This is a pretty image to me.  Not because I like seeing men and women in orange but because it gives me hope that if Sessions does have his way he will inevitably set up the very events that will lead to this administration not returning for a second term and perhaps Congress becoming a little more bipartisan especially since I know for a fact from personal experience that a significant number of these moralistic and hypocritical lawmakers are popping pills, and engaging in campaign finance fraud on a daily basis.  Let’s see how they react when the AG laws come back to bite their constituents and them in their asses.

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What a wonderful sight!


The Path of Power

There is a bright path which humanity both hopes and fears to tread, for in embracing the benefits enjoyed by walking this path we once again put to test the great falsehood of our beliefs.  We are not inherently altuistic beings as most philosophies would have us believe, for there is actually no goodness and empathy somehow embedded in our very  DNA.

Instead we are greedy monsters grasping at whatever we can snatch from life as we trundle along in the hope of being able to affect our world.

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As we slowly crawled out of that tar pit called selflessness we came to the beautiful realization that Power wants to be wielded by someone and it doesn’t care by whom it is wielded only that it is expressed, exposed and enjoyed   Power is a boundary rarified and complex, one that makes a clear delineation between those who are inside exercising it versus those who are forever stuck outside this boundary and forced to serve those who were strong enough to take a bold leap into the unknown in order to snatch up the reins of Power.

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So that being said why is it so surprising to the world that an administration such as that of Donald Trump would do whatever it takes to protect the pinnacle of power that they have now all acheived,  including lying and commiting acts of extreme treachery, these men and women who in their private lives have become accustomed to being the rulers of their own private fiefdoms.

These are persons who only believe in democracy in so much as it is convenient;  if Donald Trump or any of his cabinet could be crowned rulers in their own right do you believe for a second that they would not?

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These are men who believe that peace is folly, and that war is pleasure because this will grant them more power.  They have snatched Excalibur and beheaded both Arthur and Merlin then gifted the lovely Guinivere with their heads as a present.  And in their haste to pull the sword from the stone they unfotunately have plunged the country into a virtual civil war.  Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  Well it should because this pretty much what Salome did to exercise her power over King Herod in the New Testament.  This weak man cut of John the Baptist’s head because of the power of pussy.  and lokk what end up happening?

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So what exactly am I trying to say?  Is it moral and right to wield Power as one will?  Yes. it is because that is the nature of Power and those who understand how to wield it effectively (not that the Trump administration is doing any such thing).

But Power is the world’s most expensive whore so there will always be someone else who is willing to pay her more than those who are presently enjoying her services.  So instead of complaining about the president that the people of this country elected, for good or for bad, I suggest the people get some money together and buy her contract from the fools who at present think they know what they are doing.   I mean whores are adept at faking pleasure and despite her showmanship it is evident in the haphazard way that our Twitter-loving twit of a president and his cabinet of nincompoops are abusing her services that she is ready to move on.  And Donald trump can’t get mad can he?   After all he,the self-proclaimed master of the deal, if any one, should understand that we,the people simply offered her a better deal.

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Here is some advice for those of you who perhaps, in light of our present leadership, think that the world is about to end:  if you see a beast rising out of the sea and it has seven heads and ten horns and there is a dragon sitting nearby by it, then you should calmly go and get one of the many assault rifles that the NRA and all the other gun nuts have persuaded you to buy for self-defense and shoot the mother……

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But keep in mind that any idiot can grab a sleeping tiger by the balls but only and madman, a fool or a prophet keeps holding onto them even after they see that the tiger is well and truly pissed off.

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Now you may wonder why I have written what seems on the surface to be two non-sequiturs, but the fact is that they are related (in my own demented mind at least).

You see we are living in age where the very tenets which make America America are being redefined and transformed on an daily basis, through the Twitter feed of our twit of a president and a general populace who gorge themselves daily with a poor diet of whatever they read on the Internet from the many devices which they have permanently plugged into their empty heads, all the more space to fill with empty calories.

Take for example the tv show the Walking Dead.  It is actually a window into the world today if our world had its sweet and pretty veneer stripped from it and the truth was able to be seen with eyes cleaned of the scales which had previously covered it.  And much like the Walking Dead, humanity would look upon itself and see its present circumstances, this dark and dreadful revelation and just like both the zombies and some of the healthy survivors on the show, it has already started to turn on itself and begin to eat…..

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Our world has become arbitrary and illusory but not because of some idiot in the pinnacle position of leadership but because it was constructed of the materials ingested by the Ineffable Name.  And since these materials were evidently a pile of shit, well you know what they say, “you are what you eat.”

Pleasure and Pain

My oldest and closest friend is pain and my worst enemy is pleasure because the former has nothing but my best interests in mind while the latter cares for nothing except itself for its own sake.  Yet this horrible dichotomy, these two conjoined twins cannot ever be separated.  Their was a bloody birth into my world, a birth heralded by the pain of birth versus the pleasure of a mother’s tit.

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So before I could even take my first steps I found myself guilty of hedonism, narcissism, sensualism, and masochism and road filled with a dark fatalism that charmed me with its presence and wit.

But the duplicity of the flesh is exactly that; duplicitous.  In this era of connectivity we have options to experience the world in ways that were previously unheard of.  I mean what man in his right man places ceramic ballbearings under the skin of his John Thomas?

Because of this eternal war between these conjoined twins our inner spaces are rapily becoming wastelands of desolation, despair  with depression and addiction running rampant.  Oh don’t get me wrong, I am by no means advocating some sort of moral transformation, and those of you who know me would quickly shoot down any such hypocritical nonsense especially coming from someone who has live his life as I have, but what I am saying is because of the great paradigm shift which has occured in our world today we need to redefine exactly what it means to interact with our world, because believe me if I had told my granfather, a scientist himself, that in my middle age I would be able to sense electromagnetic fields, always sense due north, and develop my own personal sonar sense, I think he might have looked at me oddly.  But the fact is these things are a reality.  I can go to the local biohacking studio near me and have rare earth magnets inmplanted in my hands that will allow me to sense electromagnetic fields and with a little added tech and a phone app—hey presto! Now I am a human compass, with my own personal sonar.  Yup it’s that easy.

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So what does this say about our present definitions of what it means to be human?  When the conjoined twins no longer reign, when new previously unheard of sensations are possible, then what have we become?

At the end of the day no matter what my words, these things are exactly what it means to be human.  We change the environment, we don’t live within its strictures, and now (sorry Darwin) why should we give a shit about evolution and natural selection, when a smart card and a smart phone can remake me intonwhoever the hell I want to be.

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Though I don’t think I’d want to go this far. Ye Gods she (or he, who knows) is hideous.  But then again maybe I’m just old fashioned.  This could be the look of humans in the next 50 years.  What new sensations does this person get to experience that we mundanes do not?

The Weaker Sex

The fact is despite what we think men don’t run shit.  Women simply allow us to maintain the illusion of control while quietly keeping the world from falling into the complete ruin that it would be if men actually controlled anything.Image result for women bosses


The sad thing is that most women are really not feminists, yet all men are masculinists (is that a word?)

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And if even God didn’t have the strength to kill Lilith for refusing to submit to Adam, then what does that say about Her power?

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And how can women be the weaker sex when men all have their Achilles heel conveniently dangling from a thin, defenseless and dismal sac of flesh between their legs at perfect kicking, punching and biting height?

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One of these days women are going have enough of us men and our shenanigans and slaughter us all, because the fact is they really don’t need us now do they?

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