Examining White Privilege

I am going to continue on with this theme of examining the politics of race, which although not particularly original nor groundbreaking blog-wise, is, in light of the many recent events, something that i think needs to be brought back to the forfront again of people’s minds.


White privilege is a fact of life in America because America has always has been the domain of White men of wealth. This fact was established by the founding fathers of this nation who worded the constitution in such a way that it protected the rights and privileges of rich White men and allowing only landowners, who of course were White men, to vote . From this foundation, White privilege has spread into all areas of society and it carries with it the concept of being better than men of color, or so-called inferior races, and of the rights these privileges by naturally confer upon the holders.

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Privilege exists when one group has something of value that is denied to others simply because of the groups they belong to rather than because of anything they’ve done or failed to do and mercifully most White people are not even aware of this privilege or the effect it has on their lives. They have never known anything different, so they never give it a thought.

By definition such privilege comes in two types: unearned privilege is something that all people should have, e.g. safety in the workplace, but when this becomes restricted to certain groups, and then it becomes an unearned advantage. Unearned advantages often give the dominant group the competitive edge, as in the difference between upper class and working class males. There are much better opportunities available to a young man from an upper class background than to one from a working class background. Yet these working class males still have privilege over men of color.

Actually, the meaning of the term White privilege is one that has always been changing and seemingly never agreed upon in academics treatments or in the popular media usage. Our contemporary understanding of the term primarily originates from the 1987 article written by Peggy McIntosh entitled “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.” Before this groundbreaking work was released most identified White privilege in a very different way than it is now perceived thanks in part to Peggy McIntosh, in conjunction with the ideas of liberalism in American political society, and with the concept of White privilege having evolved from a legal state of racial discrimination into a psychological state of mind created by law abiding citizens’ sub-consciousness and thus making it an invisible combat that is almost impossible to be policed by the governmental agencies which are mandated with ensuring that there is equality in our society.

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White privilege does indeed exist because although it is not perpetuated by a conscious and explicit effort on the part of the majority of American society, it is a very real a part of the subconscious of every White citizen, whether they realize it or not .
Why is it important to define White privilege so carefully? Because, in part, many people want to deny that it exists at all, especially in response to other people’s assertions that it is at work in some particular situation, that it exists unjustly and so should be dismantled. This pattern of assertion and denial is itself racialized: for the most part, people of color say White people enjoy White privilege, while White people for the most part deny not only that they have it, but that such a thing even exists. I have been assured countless times by White people that there is no such thing as White privilege and that the very idea is nonsensical.

Over the long course of U.S. history only White people have enjoyed and possessed the rights which they loudly proclaimed were fundamentally human rights. I think it is fitting and accurate, in such an unjust situation, to call the racially differential possession and enjoyment of human rights a privilege arising out of particular social relations. In studying historical examples and theories of oppression, it becomes clear that social visibility or invisibility is an important strategy. Early feminists make this point over and over. If men and women equally believe, for example, that women are by their very nature subordinate to men, then gender oppression seems natural, inevitable, and timeless. If you can design structures of oppression which are invisible, which seem natural, they will be more effective than structures which are visible. If you can convince everyone, but especially members of the oppressed group itself, that the way things are is natural or inevitable or unavoidable, people will be less likely to challenge the way things are.

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Even the use of skin whitening treatments by people of color has been linked to the benefits of White privilege. According to several theorists the relationship between white privilege and skin whitening can be explained by colorism and colonial mentality. Some intellectuals claim that the image of Africa imposed on the world, and on African people globally, are those controlled by White forces operating under White privilege. The very political definitions people of Africa have are due to White privilege. White privilege is not simply the purview of Whites. It is also copied by other races, and in particular those who have been the victims of European colonialism. The idea that a lighter skin tone places one closer to the status of the colonial masters by a reduction of the percentage of Black blood in a person is not a new concept though the fact is that these false ideas are still prevalent today albeit subconsciously rather than overtly as in previous eras. If that idea is correct, then we should expect the very idea of racialized social privilege—that is, social privilege which attaches to a group or groups which are identified racially (whether one understands ‘races’ culturally or scientifically)—to be invisible socially.

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Case and point, rapper L’il Kim.  I mean look how she tried to changed her race.  between multiple surgeries and god know how many bleaching procedures she has almost succeeded. (This person a a shoe-in for blog post on surgical addiction too).


We should expect that members of the dominant group, the one which has the privilege, to deny that it exists or that it could exist. This is precisely what White people do (for the most part) when faced with claims by people of color that they enjoy social privilege by virtue of the social fact that they are taken to be White.

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Didn’t know that now did you?  He’s an octoroon.

White privilege does exist today and needs to be carefully defined because it is a very contested concept and that contestation is itself racialized which is what we should expect since socially invisible structures of oppression are more effective and enduring than socially visible ones. We must define it in order to make it a problem for the dominant group in order that it may be shown to be is an unjust and obsolete historical creation. In the end it is only ourselves who can remove this grey pall from society and it is only ourselves who we can blame as White privilege continues to persist in this evolving culture.

A Color Blind Society: A Reality Check

When Barrack Obama won the election doves were released and trumpets sounded all over the U.S. as people celebrated what seemed to be the ultimate culmination of the Civil Rights Movement and the advent of a truly color blind society.

 Hmm, let’s examine that shall we.  Is society now color blind because the electorate elected a Black man to the presidency for not one, but two terms?  

Well If you have even a tiny scrap of brains in your noggin I should not even have to answer that question becaus of the underlying rascist attitudes unveilled throughout Barrack Obama’s presidency which demonstrated just how the majority still truly feels about race.

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The fact is racism is still alive and well in today’s society, only now it is wearing a more subtle and more dangerous disguise. Because of the fact that overt racism is very rare in these times because of the federal laws protecting against overt dsicrimantion, this has lead many Whites to believe that racism and racial discrimination is a thing of the past and that color-blindness is the right path for society to take. But color blind ideology rests upon a faulty premise, the premise that all of the successes of the Civil Rights Movement have truly removed all racial barriers from society and as a result of this, race no longer matters.

The nation celebrated the unprecedented re-election to a second term of America’s first African-American president, a remarkable achievement which seems to represent some sort of vindication to many Whites that racial discrimination is indeed dead. The fact is that President Obama forced his way through a door reserved for those of the dominant race by his individual strength of will and not solely by the victories of the Civil Rights Era.  Throughout his tenure as president he had been the victim of racism, some covert, but most of it overt. How many presidents in the history of this nation have been so virulently opposed no matter what he does for the good of the nation?  and how many presidents have been so viciously ridiculed with openly racist epithets and images as he?

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I mean look at this shit.  And most of these racist images are much, much worse.  Somed portray the sitting president (at the time) being lynched.  Others as a primitive tribesman.  And don’t let me get started on the images of Michelle Obama.  Take a look for yourself.  It’s beyond shameful.  Do these fools even have any idea of what lese-majeste means?

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Former president Jimmy Carter, a truly decent and moral politician came out and said what no one wanted to say, that he knows that the reason for all the vicious opposition to Obama was not because of his policies but because of his race.  And judging from Doanld Trump’s calculated and deliberate plan to dismantle every one of his acheivements simply out of pique that this Black man did what he and his cronies believe should never have been allowed to happen, we can see with clear eyes that color is still very much seen by this supposedly newly enlightened American society.

A better measure of the dynamics of race in this nation at present would be obtained by looking at the numbers of minorities who still remain outside that same door which the President forced his way through, and in fact we can see that racial segregation and discrimination is actually on this rise now. Race still very much matters in this society, and because of this, trying to address problems of race in a color-blind manner does not erase the issue of race it simply buries it under new narratives and terminologies designed to maintain the status quo. By ignoring racial problems or categorizing them as non-racial problems we ignore the history of race and racism and its long-term effects and we are using the wrong tools in our efforts to solve these problems.

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It has been hypothesized that narratives and testimonies amongst Whites contribute to the continuation of racism in the form of colorblind racism. It is believed that we tell stories to our spouses, children, friends and co-workers stories and it is through these stories that we present and represent ourselves to the world at large. These stories define us so much so that the narratives and testimonies which have become prevalent amongst post-civil rights Whites are contributing to the transformation of racism from an overt Jim Crow type form, into a colorblind racial form. It is these narratives and testimonies which reinforce stereotypes and discount race as an issue by substituting other things in its place to explain away racial issues.

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 In a society where everybody is connected to each other through the social networking sites which are rapidly becoming a new frontier in how human beings interact with each other one must consider that the generation growing up now will come of age with the idea that interaction with their peers on social networking sites is the norm,  so it does not come as a surprise that this new world has begun to mirror the color-blind ideology of the real world.

There exists right now a new racial narrative, one in which overt racism is all but gone and covert or color-blind racism is rapidly becoming the norm. Our social reality has become warped and how we as a society interact with each has begun to reflect this change and these subtle new racial nuances. The fact is colorblindness is an unrealistic approach to a very big problem, simply ask the many disenfranchised, marginalized, minimalized and painfully aware members of society who feel the pain of racial discrimination every day. This ideology is not one designed to bring people together, but instead a luxury that the elite and dominant culture uses to maintain the status quo, without alienating members of their culture with overt racism and transforming it into a form that all them can comfortably live with.

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The Social and Ethical Implications of Biometrics

Continuing on in what I having a feeling is going to be an ongoing theme for a while, I decided to press on with my diatribe railing against the evils of technolgy, I, who incidently is presently using these very same interactive tools, including a smartphone that is biometrically encrypted to write this very post….

What are biometrics exactly? In today’s information driven society in which the greatest tool of information dissemination, the Internet, has become the home of disinformation, conspiracy theories and personal opinions packaged as authoritative fact it is necessary to define exactly what the term biometrics means so that the consequences of implementing the worldwide use of biometrics can even be reasonably discussed. So what are biometrics?

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Well a biometric or biometric identifier is an objective measurement of a physical characteristic of an individual which, when captured in a database, can be used to verify the identity or check against other entries in the database. The best known biometric is the fingerprint, but with technology moving forward in leaps and bounds there are many other forms such as facial recognition software, retinal scans, DNA analysis, voice recognition, and even odor sensitivity. Biometrics are quickly becoming the ultimate tool in a world that is becoming smaller and smaller and more and more interconnected globally, a grand family where all the various members are linked together by computer technology, information and science in ways previously unimaginable at any other point in human history.

From a purely technical perspective it is of course very possible at this point to establish a center to store biometric data and to test and evaluate biometric technologies but there are many legal, technical, ethical issues and sociocultural issues which must be first addressed with respect to any future implementation of biometrics, especially with respect to individual privacy and the scope to which the organizations collecting this data would have access and some form of control over an individual’s biometrics which are far more private and revealing than any government issued ID number. As the technology becomes more and more a reality, these concerns must be addressed if society and the world in general is to quickly come to an informed consensus as to how this technology should be used and to establish extremely strong checks, balances and controls in order to limit potential abuses and the inevitable ethical violations which surely will arise. In the end humanity must ask itself how much of ourselves do we need to share with the rest of the world? When has connectivity gone too far?

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James Watson, the co-discoverer of the double helix structure of DNA and the founding father of the Human Genome Project declared that “we used to think our fate was in the stars. Now we know a large part of it is in our genes .” The Human Genome Project was hailed as one of the greatest achievements in this century because coupled with new medical technologies such as gene therapy, stem cell research, and prenatal medicine, the possibility to “improve” the human race became a possibility. Pharmaceutical companies began to actually patent the rights to certain genes in an effort to control the lucrative market that was rapidly rising in treating illnesses at the genetic level, and litigation quickly began flying through the court system as to whether or not a gene could be owned .


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In much the same way, the use of biometrics raises a possibility that whole classes of people will be marginalized because things that were previously private would be revealed. For example, even though certain individuals carry the gene for Muscular Dystrophy and phenotypically speaking are perfectly healthy, because the public now would have access to their DNA profile these individuals would become less desirable as a potential mates. Potential employers could reject individuals’ applications for employment for fear that their medical insurance costs would rise, or that these individuals would have to take many sick days despite the fact that phenotypically they did not suffer from the illness. In a world where people’s identities are stolen every hour, how could core biological information such as this be safeguarded? The fact is once Pandora’s box is opened it cannot be closed, and even with safeguards and ethical checks and balances in place human laws often do not take into account human nature.

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Part of the allure of using biometrics to categorize and organize our world in further depth is that our bodies (unlike any sort of physical documentation no matter how sophisticated) can provide an objective and verifiable source of truth about our identities, our genetics and even our psychology and it is these technologies which are believed to give access to this inseparable part of humanity. Biometrics are also believed to be capable of securing or fixing identity in a way that makes fraudulent or multiple identities much more difficult, if not impossible, to maintain. Through the use of biometrics, organizations aim to individuate entire populations and then fix identities to administrative markers such as unique identification numbers. The concern that the unethical use of biometrics against vulnerable individuals for the benefit of others becomes a very real concern. To minimize this concern there must be some sort of national if not international body to shoulder the onus of maintaining any potential database and even then, cross-cultural difficulties and barriers will no doubt affect just what is considered a violation of privacy and what is considered to be acceptable level of transparency when it comes to collecting the biological information needed for biometrics to work. Of course the administrative burden would be greatly reduced by biometrics, since a person’s identity would be established by their body itself and not by various pieces of documentation, and thus the cost to the taxpayers for the organizations which must maintain these records would be greatly reduced. Imagine a world with no more long DMV lines because all your information could be coded into a database, based upon your own biology. No need to renew a license when your own body functions as your license. The term inter-operability best describes what proponents of this technology are trying to achieve. With the simple implantation of a RFID chip subcutaneously coded with an individual’s biological information that is unique to them, all their banking, medical, travel, and commercial and cross-border information becomes easily manageable. In this mind set the many concerns that most citizens raise are batted aside with the idea that if one has nothing to hide then one has nothing to fear from this technology.

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In conclusion, biometrics is not just another technology that the average ignorant person automatically resists, as is natural to humanity because it represents a change in the fundamental way that we live and interact with the world and each other. As the world becomes smaller and smaller and the population continues to grow, individual privacy will begin to mean that much more than it did a few decades ago as we become forced to be connected to others in ways that we perhaps neither envisioned nor wanted. Because of this it is very important that the debate about biometrics remain very much in the public spotlight and that those advocating or criticizing its use have an open forum in which to air their views in a way that the public, who will be most dramatically affected by the implementation of this technology, have the opportunity to make an informed decision on what could be the last time that we as a species are truly multicultural and diverse. Without ethical, sociological and legal oversight this technology has the potential to change this world but in ways that no one will able to predict.

By the way, I am not a Luddite………

The Research with Respect to New Tech

Alright.  I have been pussy-footing around with my blog for the last week or so and for that reason I decided to write something with a little more purely intellectual meat on its bones.  Not that my previous posts weren’t robust, it’s just that normally I usually don’t want people to think I take myself too seriously by actually writing anything of real intellectual sunstance…..

Well that’s actually not really true at all but I had to say something witty just to soften the blow of what is coming next…


The body research on the effect of technology on human cognitive processes continues to grow exponentially as the world becomes more and more integrated with its machines, forcing us to confront the reality that all past concepts of how we viewed and interacted with the world have changed and that this technology has indeed had a profound effect upon our psychology and indeed what it actually means to be a human being.  

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Although there is a substantial body of literature on this topic that is widely spread these days, unfortunately because of the nature of this rapidly growing technology, which is constantly expanding and further intertwining itself with our very existence so that as research on the effects of some aspects of technology and psychology is concluded, new ones rapidly develop causing researchers to have to begin all over again

.  For now the world sighs in contentment with the ease of accomplishing tasks thanks to these technologies and we smile at our own cleverness as we watch technology and its infinite applications slowly begin to rule us yet we still sit back and relinquish even more power to it and become more and more dependent upon it despite any number of potentially nightmarish scenarios.  

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There is a large gap in the research and this is in part because unlike other applications of science such as perhaps medicine, where before a drug is introduced into the market for human consumption it must undergo years of research and clinical trials before finally gaining the necessary government approval that it needs in order to be introduced into our world.  Many technologies today do not have such restraints and as a result before we have tested it it to the fullest to see how it will affect our society, the moment a new application is encountered we are already interfacing it with our world.

 If in time it becomes apparent that these applications  are having adverse effects on our cognitive processes, or at least transformative effects, then unfortunately because this tech will have become so integrated into our world, at that point that we will be forced to live with the consequences.  

Imagine if the creators of the Matrix were right, do you think humanity at that point would voluntarily disconnect from the Internet in order to save our species?   Would the world believe it and disconnect if we were told that Microsoft Windows was damaging our health? I think not.  

I believe further research is needed to examine how the effect of this symbiosis between man and machine has on our species and its future survival, there needs to be longitudinal studies on the physical effects of things such as Virtual Reality on brain function and the physical tissues of the body, and finally a great many more psycho-sociological studies on the long-term effects of technology on humanity, how we perceive the world, and even the very definition of what it means to be human.   Because the fact is our evolution as a species is no longer a question of physical evolution, such as growing wings, but a cognitive change that has already begun to have far reaching effects on human society. 

The symbiosis between humanity and its technology is so complete that it has become apparent that a very large portion of humanity could not survive without it.  This is like how the use of fire was integral in our rapid development as a species.  Fire gave us an advantage, it allowed us to see in the dark so that we could hunt, travel, and protect ourselves from predators, it allowed us to eat food stuffs that were previously indigestible and because we could now cook our meat, we were able to extract more protein from it, allowing us to spend less time hunting and gathering and more time developing human society as the extra nutrients allowed our bodies and more importantly our brains to evolve, even as our intestinal tract and our dentistry changed to reflect our new dietary habits.  

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With the advent of fire to keep us warm, we lost our thick body hair, because with the means to control fire we could keep warmer and also we remain at our settlements since we now had more time to spend on tasks other than searching for food.  Clothing could be made, arts and crafts created, music developed, all of these things fundamentally changing not just the way humanity interacted with the world but actually physically changing humanity itself.

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The present relationship between technology and humanity is defined by a relationship closer and more intertwined than any in previous history and it is apparent that it is a symbiosis.   The research on this aspect has been slight, as if researchers do not wish to focus attention on the fact that this technology is changing us as a species so rapidly that if we are not careful in five or six more generations the species which will exist as Homo sapiens sapiens will be so very different than that the one which exists now.  We need to know just how profound an effect this symbiosis is really having on us.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a reality, yet how much is really known about how it effects that most essential part of our being, the very thing which makes us human, our brains?  Scientists are still trying to decipher the many layers of brain functions even today psychologists, and philosophers both still have trouble defining exactly what is human perception.  Yet in mixing humanity and machine and changing the way we perceive the world through the use of VR and other interactive tech we must ask ourselves, how is it that this machine is able to achieve this and is it actually helpful or detrimental in the long run to our brains?  Cell Phones have been shown to emit radiation and even immersing oneself in music through headphones after a while can be harmful, so what about full immersion in a computer controlled alternate reality, essentially allowing a machine to play with your brain?  This cannot be be all positive.  There must be much more research done in this field before the government allows the licensing of such technology to the general public.  After all what happens if years after it has become mainstream, and since no longitudinal studies had been done, it turns out that this tech turns everyone psychotic after prolonged use?

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Finally, we have to stop being so impatient as species and decide what it means to be human.  By this I mean that technology allows us impatient primates to achieve more in a shorter period of time but at what cost?  What does it mean to be human?  That is itself a very difficult question, but we can ask ourselves others such as what part of what we now believe to be a part and parcel of being human are we willing to sacrifice in the name of “progress” because the long-term effect of computer technology on our very humanity is unknown and this is a very dangerous thing to have been allowed to come to pass.  It is because of the rapid spread of new technology that bodies such as the Catholic Church, in the past suppressed new technology, because it worried about how it would affect society as  a whole not because it feared the actual technology.  And although this may sound dated but perhaps they were right, because without long-term research we may be invariably letting in the very instruments of our downfall and destruction as a species.  After all,  technology has given us the hydrogen bomb, the neutron bomb, and various lethal biological agents which could just as easily wipe out the species.  Eventually cool heads, and in depth research prevailed and this technology was suppressed for the good of all mankind. So what is so different in this case?  Absolutely nothing and just like with these other technologies it needs much more research before it should be allowed to further integrate with our society.

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The research in this field is substantial, but the fact is that most of the scientists doing the research are researching a narrow field of focus within this topic and are not truly engaging in meta-analysis of their colleagues’ data which would give them a better perspective as to how this is affecting humanity as a whole in a wide variety of directions.  It is necessary that researchers from all scientific disciplines come together using all their respective skills and technical expertise to further research on just how this new technology is affecting our species before it is too late and we lose the very thing we thought that this technology was created to preserve.

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Oh I feel so much better now.  It’s good to see that the intellectual juices are still flowing smoothly.  Thus endeth the lecture.  Enjoy it responsibly.

Pour Rosalie

So my last post was a little different than what I normally write in that it crept into my own personal life which is something that normally I would never do, but certain things have shifted my focus recently, so I decided to post something which has absolutely nothing to do with they way I have been writing this blog since its recent ressurection.  But the fact is I began this blog as a way to explore creativity in the literary arts as it still clearly says on the home page, but I have somewhat drifted from that initial and admirable, if not a little pretensious goal.  But I am still writing no matter what the content and that is a good thing but sometimes I want to share something that is entertaining from a purely fictional standpoint or shall we say crazy Yemi standpoint?

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With that in mind, I wrote this story.  Well that’s not exactly true.  Remember my last post about Cupid’s underhanded sneak shot in my rear end?  Well it seems that I am having a harder time than I thought resisting his venom so I thought if I wrote about it in my own irreverent way perhaps it would help me get a better grip on things.  Plus I couldn’t resist baiting a certain person who I know is reading this blog….

Her name is Rose, so you do the math…..

Because I know she will…..

Because my name is also Jean-Marc….

And she will no doubt figure out that the story is actually an invitation despite my clever rhetoric…Which is not really that clever…

Actually it’s pretty blatant actually…

I probably should have just talked to her directly…..

I must be a glutton for punishment because it seems I can’t stop coming back for more.


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 Jean-Marc’s Words


Rose walked up the stairs and entered the lobby of Jean-Marc’s building, anxiety so obviously playing across her gorgeous features.  Why had he demanded that she come over now and what did he mean by saying that he really needed to tell her something?  She was having waking nightmares of him confessing to cheating on her or breaking up with her, though the fact was she had no reason to believe such things.  But in a world where good men were not only hard to find but usually too good to be true, Rose was frantic with worry over the creeping idea that something might be wrong in what had so far been a storybook relationship a yearlong in the making.  As she stumbled out of the elevator in a daze and walked to his apartment door she was terrified; for she loved Jean-marc with all her heart.

He opened the door before she had even had a chance to ring the doorbell as if he had somehow sensed her presence lurking outside his door.  He gently took her by the hand and led her to the comfortable sofa the living room, on which the two of them had spent many nights in ecstatic communion.  Jean-Marc had never been a very vocal man so his silence was not unusual. He used to say that words eluded him when he needed them most so he preferred to let his actions speak louder and more definitively than any passionate words could, which in his normal and unfortunately tongue-tied state, he could never evoke anyway.  Jean-Marc was, however a man of actions and because of this he knew just how to show Rose all the things he had never been able to say to her.

He sat down next to her and took her trembling hands in his, kissing her fingertips first, then her palms and finally her knuckles as he looked deeply into her sparkling eyes.  He could tell that she was nervous and wanted to quickly put her at ease.  Seeing her so distraught was unbearable so he cleared his throat and began to speak.  “Rose,” he began haltingly, “you know that I have never been good with words and it is with great difficulty that I express my feelings through speech no matter how much l would like to, but at this stage in our relationship I can no longer excuse myself for not trying harder to communicate with you, you who is always so vocal in expressing your feelings for me, so perfect in your tone and inflection that often it scares me back into silence.  For the last few days I have felt a deep-seated need to share with you the adverbs of my passion for you, the nouns of my adulation and the adjectives of my lust but I have known for quite some time that they would never be enough.  You deserve so much more, you deserve the best so I have chosen not to say any words at all.”  Rose shifted uncomfortably at these words, still unsure of what he was trying to say, but before she could speak he forestalled her by placing a finger on her lips.  “No, beloved I am alright.  We are alright.  But I have always been a man of action, a man who though unable to express myself well through speech, I am a man who can and will express those same feelings through my actions.  Rose, today I want you to hear those three words, so today I will let my actions speak them for me.  Tell me darling do you love me?”  Startled out of her anxiety by the question Rose jumped on it immediately saying, “of course I do honey, how can you even ask me that?”  But Jean-Marc held up his hand once more asking again for her forbearance before continuing.  “But do you trust me?” he asked her while watching her carefully as he brushed a stray lock of hair out of her eyes.

“Very much so,” Rose replied.

“Then please do me a favor and walk over to the balcony.  In the corner, you’ll see a small coffee table pushed up against the wall.  Tell me what you see on it.”  Rose, still unsure of what he meant, got up and walked over to the table and stood in front of the beautifully carved ebony wood coffee table upon which were several seemingly benign items.

“What do you see on the table?” he repeated.

“There is an exquisite long-stemmed rose in full bloom.  Its gorgeous scent is permeating the whole area.”

“Good.  Now what else?”

“I see what looks like a black silk scarf here.  It’s been folded into a square.”


“Also, there are two ceramic bowls, one white and the other black, both covered with lids.  Do you want me to look inside them?”

“Yes baby, please do.”

Rose took of their lids and looked into each of them before turning back to face Jean-Marc.  “In the white one there are some very ripe and succulent strawberries that seem to be bursting with juices and vitality, they look delicious.  While the black one contains five gold coins.”

“Is there nothing else on the table?”  Jean-Marc asked her, now rising to his feet and walking over to stand in front of Rose.  “Yes,” she replied there are some pinking shears.  Jean-Marc, I don’t understand why are you asking me these questions?  What is this about?”

“It’s about three little words Rose, words that are extremely difficult for me to say.  But I can show you.”

He leaned over the table and plucked the ripest strawberry from the pile and put it under his nose, inhaling the sweet fragrance before placing it on Rose’s lips for her to take a bite.  The juice caressed her plush lips with small crimson pearls which slowly began to drift down to the corners of her mouth, but skillfully Jean-Marc caught them with the tips of his fingers and returned them back to her mouth for her questing tongue to greedily snatch.  He allowed her another small bite before leaning down to kiss her as he dropped the strawberry back onto the others, leaving her dizzy and breathless with the power of his passion as he broke the kiss and slowly walked around her, his hands sliding around her waist until he finally stopped behind her.  Pressing his lips into the hollow between her neck and her shoulder and lightly licking up to her ear which he nipped lightly he sent shivers of delight throughout her body even as he leaned down and picked up the five coins from the black bowl while still never letting his other hand leave her curvaceous waist.  He moved around until he once again stood in front of her, his left hand on the downslope of her hip lightly caressing it as he leaned forward and spoke softly into her ear.  “Hold out your hands Rose.  Hold them palm up and side by side.”

She obeyed him quickly, already aroused by both his strange intensity and his light caresses and curious now as to where he was going with this.  And as she obeyed he carefully placed one golden coin on each of the fingertips of her right hand and then gently placed her open left hand over the top of them until her hands were pressed together keeping the coins tightly held between her palms and her fingers.  He reached over again to the table, this time pulling up the silk scarf and shaking it loose until it shimmered and undulated like a deadly snake, at his side.  He looked at Rose silently for a moment before again whispering softly into her ear.

“Raise your palms into the yoga pose the Warrior.  Don’t drop the coins.”

She deftly moved into the asana, her palms together over her head, her front leg slightly bent forward while her back leg was stretched out straight behind her, and as she did Jean-Marc reached behind her and carefully tied the scarf around her face, cutting off her sight.  His lips brushed against her armpits sending paroxysms of pleasure down her side and already she was at risk of dropping the coins.  “No matter what I do to you,“ he whispered, “don’t drop those coins because if you do that then my words, those three little words I am trying to show you will never be said.”  And having said that Jean-Marc picked up the pinking shears and began to cut off Rose’s clothing.

She almost dropped the coins again at the sheer eroticism of his actions; she felt the material of her skirt give way easily as he slowly cut through them and when she felt the cold metal slide through the elastic of her panties the psychological and physical vulnerability of being naked below the waist and blindfolded, having been shorn of her clothes like a yearling sheep, it caused her to moan with pleasure even as he continued to cut through her blouse and then finally her bra.  She stood there naked, sweaty, musky and magnificent in the Warrior pose still triumphantly holding the coins just as she felt the next wave of desire light up her as his fingers tips began to explore the outlines of her shoulder blades.

Jean-marc grabbed the half=-eaten strawberry with his other hand and traced a downward line of sweet juice across her back and spine quickly following its path with a skillful tongue and eager lips causing Rose to tremble with pleasure.  Remember what I said Rose,” he whispered as he continued to caress her with one hand across her breasts now and the other still drawing lines of juice across her back with the strawberry, “everything stops if you drop the coins.”

He put the strawberry to her lips for her to devour, which she did gladly, the tart sweetness a welcome a welcome distraction as Jean-Marc now picked up the flower and began to trace concentric circles around her nipples, her navel and just out of reach of her hot center, its petals lapping up her sticky sweat and mingling her scent with that of the rose before bringing it up to her nose for her to inhale.  His clever tongue had made its way down to the cleft of her backside and even now was descending towards her other place before maddeningly returning quickly to her neck, shoulders and ears without so much as touching her eager sphincter.

Her breathing was coming fast now and still growing faster in a manic rhythm as the tempo of his explorations with the rose, his tongue and his hand drove her insane with the pleasure of his skillful manipulation of her every sense, so close to where she wanted them to be yet never quite touching her where she really wanted them to be, forever just out of reach.  She wanted to drop the coins, grab his hands and head and push him into herself but she couldn’t; he was speaking to her now like he had never spoken to her before and she would let him talk for as long as he wanted to.  As his caresses began to resonate directly within her she understood now what he had not been able to say before and when he suddenly pushed the open rose into her, as reading her need, parting the dewy petals of her own flower, she couldn’t hold herself back any longer and she erupted in not one or even two but three consecutive orgasms which rocked her from head to toe, dropping her to her knees and pulsing deep inside her as her legs gave way and she sprawled on the floor panting, crying and laughing with the musical tinkle of the coins as they fell all around her.  Jean-Marc dropped to his knees beside her, lifting her up and pulling her to his chest, holding her tight and when the waves of pleasure had finally subsided she looked up at him and kissed him deeply then quickly picked up the five gold coins now lying around her and pushed them firmly into his hands.

“I heard you loud and clear you wonderful, amazing man.  Now stand up,” she commanded him while picking up the discarded silk scarf and draping it around his neck.  “I believe I owe you a response.  And with those words she tied the blindfold around Jean-Marc’s eyes and began to let her actions speak those three little words.


We live in a world of contrasts, a world that more than often beats us over the head with the many disappointments that we are as humans are fated to experience.  But these things are a part of what makes it wonderful to exist, the bitter-sweet falls that we must pick ourselves up from if we are to go on without eating a bullet.

I myself have been visited by many such disappointments and in my middle age it caused me to become a little cynical but with good reason.  Why should I believe in the goodness of humanity when I have seen with my eyes its worst side with very little to balance it out?  why should I believe in the humanity of humanity when I know that most people are secretly monsters?

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Or at least have monsters inside them waiting to emerge.

That being said, there is the question of the redemptive powers of love which people drone on about incessantly in every form of media ever created by human beings.

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So now we come to the meat of this post; the fact is I am a cynic.  But the fact is I am rapidly beginning to revise my opinion.  Why?  Because Cupid, that tricky little fucker, just shot me in the ass while I wasn’t paying attention.


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Trust me to get the angry, vindictive Cupid who is probably pissed off that his little arrows never could stick in me, but how was I to know that he would enlist the new technologies of the Information Age to help him and now, because of this I once again have to revise my opinion on matters that I was previously so vehemently opposed.

So I’ll just say it:  online nromances are just as possible and just as real as in-class education is to online education and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.  And that idiot would be me.

Stayed tune for a more detailed post, I’m still sore from that ass shot.

Cowardice and the Human Genome

The soldier who flees  battle and runs away, even though he has contemptuously been shot in the ass  by his pursuers still manages to survive the battle.

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The call to battle has throughout history represented a chance at glory where in the clash of  kings  and queens one’s true mettle is sought out.  And on those fields of carnage as one’s lifeblood leaks out,  released by the fatal wounds that one has accepted by virtue of these sought after qualities of strength and courage which have now killed you…..

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But what about cowardice and those wiley individuals who survive because of the fact  that they are completely chickenshit?   It is their genome which is being passed on to the  next  generation while their courageous comrades’ lies in the red ruin of the battlefield. Their glorious endings are revealed to not actually be glorious but in reality ignomious because in the end the survivors who are the fittest are not the ones doing any surviving…

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The strong don’t survive.  Why?  Because they are too busy dying defending causes that their ethics and morality force them to defend.  And in the end it is the cowards and the weak who end up with all the great benefits for running away like the little bitches they are.

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It’s Darwinism for an alternate Earth, the same one perhaps that our present leadership, judging from the content of yesterday’s hearings seem to have somehow transported us all into without us noticing.  Because it would explain how it is even possible that we could have such a grand collection of brain dead nimrods occupying the highest positions nof power in this nation all at the same time.