A Color Blind Society: A Reality Check

When Barrack Obama won the election doves were released and trumpets sounded all over the U.S. as people celebrated what seemed to be the ultimate culmination of the Civil Rights Movement and the advent of a truly color blind society.

 Hmm, let’s examine that shall we.  Is society now color blind because the electorate elected a Black man to the presidency for not one, but two terms?  

Well If you have even a tiny scrap of brains in your noggin I should not even have to answer that question becaus of the underlying rascist attitudes unveilled throughout Barrack Obama’s presidency which demonstrated just how the majority still truly feels about race.

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The fact is racism is still alive and well in today’s society, only now it is wearing a more subtle and more dangerous disguise. Because of the fact that overt racism is very rare in these times because of the federal laws protecting against overt dsicrimantion, this has lead many Whites to believe that racism and racial discrimination is a thing of the past and that color-blindness is the right path for society to take. But color blind ideology rests upon a faulty premise, the premise that all of the successes of the Civil Rights Movement have truly removed all racial barriers from society and as a result of this, race no longer matters.

The nation celebrated the unprecedented re-election to a second term of America’s first African-American president, a remarkable achievement which seems to represent some sort of vindication to many Whites that racial discrimination is indeed dead. The fact is that President Obama forced his way through a door reserved for those of the dominant race by his individual strength of will and not solely by the victories of the Civil Rights Era.  Throughout his tenure as president he had been the victim of racism, some covert, but most of it overt. How many presidents in the history of this nation have been so virulently opposed no matter what he does for the good of the nation?  and how many presidents have been so viciously ridiculed with openly racist epithets and images as he?

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I mean look at this shit.  And most of these racist images are much, much worse.  Somed portray the sitting president (at the time) being lynched.  Others as a primitive tribesman.  And don’t let me get started on the images of Michelle Obama.  Take a look for yourself.  It’s beyond shameful.  Do these fools even have any idea of what lese-majeste means?

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Former president Jimmy Carter, a truly decent and moral politician came out and said what no one wanted to say, that he knows that the reason for all the vicious opposition to Obama was not because of his policies but because of his race.  And judging from Doanld Trump’s calculated and deliberate plan to dismantle every one of his acheivements simply out of pique that this Black man did what he and his cronies believe should never have been allowed to happen, we can see with clear eyes that color is still very much seen by this supposedly newly enlightened American society.

A better measure of the dynamics of race in this nation at present would be obtained by looking at the numbers of minorities who still remain outside that same door which the President forced his way through, and in fact we can see that racial segregation and discrimination is actually on this rise now. Race still very much matters in this society, and because of this, trying to address problems of race in a color-blind manner does not erase the issue of race it simply buries it under new narratives and terminologies designed to maintain the status quo. By ignoring racial problems or categorizing them as non-racial problems we ignore the history of race and racism and its long-term effects and we are using the wrong tools in our efforts to solve these problems.

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It has been hypothesized that narratives and testimonies amongst Whites contribute to the continuation of racism in the form of colorblind racism. It is believed that we tell stories to our spouses, children, friends and co-workers stories and it is through these stories that we present and represent ourselves to the world at large. These stories define us so much so that the narratives and testimonies which have become prevalent amongst post-civil rights Whites are contributing to the transformation of racism from an overt Jim Crow type form, into a colorblind racial form. It is these narratives and testimonies which reinforce stereotypes and discount race as an issue by substituting other things in its place to explain away racial issues.

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 In a society where everybody is connected to each other through the social networking sites which are rapidly becoming a new frontier in how human beings interact with each other one must consider that the generation growing up now will come of age with the idea that interaction with their peers on social networking sites is the norm,  so it does not come as a surprise that this new world has begun to mirror the color-blind ideology of the real world.

There exists right now a new racial narrative, one in which overt racism is all but gone and covert or color-blind racism is rapidly becoming the norm. Our social reality has become warped and how we as a society interact with each has begun to reflect this change and these subtle new racial nuances. The fact is colorblindness is an unrealistic approach to a very big problem, simply ask the many disenfranchised, marginalized, minimalized and painfully aware members of society who feel the pain of racial discrimination every day. This ideology is not one designed to bring people together, but instead a luxury that the elite and dominant culture uses to maintain the status quo, without alienating members of their culture with overt racism and transforming it into a form that all them can comfortably live with.

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