We live in a world of contrasts, a world that more than often beats us over the head with the many disappointments that we are as humans are fated to experience.  But these things are a part of what makes it wonderful to exist, the bitter-sweet falls that we must pick ourselves up from if we are to go on without eating a bullet.

I myself have been visited by many such disappointments and in my middle age it caused me to become a little cynical but with good reason.  Why should I believe in the goodness of humanity when I have seen with my eyes its worst side with very little to balance it out?  why should I believe in the humanity of humanity when I know that most people are secretly monsters?

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Or at least have monsters inside them waiting to emerge.

That being said, there is the question of the redemptive powers of love which people drone on about incessantly in every form of media ever created by human beings.

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So now we come to the meat of this post; the fact is I am a cynic.  But the fact is I am rapidly beginning to revise my opinion.  Why?  Because Cupid, that tricky little fucker, just shot me in the ass while I wasn’t paying attention.


Image result for cupid

Trust me to get the angry, vindictive Cupid who is probably pissed off that his little arrows never could stick in me, but how was I to know that he would enlist the new technologies of the Information Age to help him and now, because of this I once again have to revise my opinion on matters that I was previously so vehemently opposed.

So I’ll just say it:  online nromances are just as possible and just as real as in-class education is to online education and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.  And that idiot would be me.

Stayed tune for a more detailed post, I’m still sore from that ass shot.


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