Cowardice and the Human Genome

The soldier who flees  battle and runs away, even though he has contemptuously been shot in the ass  by his pursuers still manages to survive the battle.

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The call to battle has throughout history represented a chance at glory where in the clash of  kings  and queens one’s true mettle is sought out.  And on those fields of carnage as one’s lifeblood leaks out,  released by the fatal wounds that one has accepted by virtue of these sought after qualities of strength and courage which have now killed you…..

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But what about cowardice and those wiley individuals who survive because of the fact  that they are completely chickenshit?   It is their genome which is being passed on to the  next  generation while their courageous comrades’ lies in the red ruin of the battlefield. Their glorious endings are revealed to not actually be glorious but in reality ignomious because in the end the survivors who are the fittest are not the ones doing any surviving…

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The strong don’t survive.  Why?  Because they are too busy dying defending causes that their ethics and morality force them to defend.  And in the end it is the cowards and the weak who end up with all the great benefits for running away like the little bitches they are.

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It’s Darwinism for an alternate Earth, the same one perhaps that our present leadership, judging from the content of yesterday’s hearings seem to have somehow transported us all into without us noticing.  Because it would explain how it is even possible that we could have such a grand collection of brain dead nimrods occupying the highest positions nof power in this nation all at the same time.



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