Have those of you who believe in this particularreligion ever wonderd what would the world have been like if Lucifer had won his war?  The reason for my off the wall question is because even as I type these words I am listening to a perfect example of an alternate Earth, the testimony of AG Sessions.

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Listening to it, I feel as if I fell through a wormhole and into a world where the person responsible for enforcing the nation’s laws openly chooses to, if not actually perjure himself, than to deliberately obstruct the investigation into what is probably one of the most disturbing breaches of national security in history, insomuch as the entire cabinet of this administration and its various proxies, along with the president himself have been either accidently or overtly severely compromised by a foreign government.

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AG Sessions is a fool.  He is a fool because in this bizarro world that he and the others of the Trump administration inhabit, they believe that not one single one of them should be held accountable for their actions, nor do they believe that the obvious tampering by the Russians into the elections just simply don’t exist.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a writer so I am completely for the exercising of a healthy fantasy life, it is the bread butter of the imagination, but to so clearly deny not only his shady actions but also that of his boss and others around them, it smacks of either a great decption, or serious dementia.  But is this so surprising considering that our present president is a tweeting twit?

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And this exactly what they are trying to do, the Trump administration, they are trying to persuade us that this horse is dead and that we should move on.

Okay I have been polite enough.. I am distracted right now by the sheer weight of bullshit that I am hearing.  Even through the computer the stench of doo doo is so rank that I will presently have to go outside and bathe myslef in sulfuric acid to remove this incredible odor.  The fact is I didn’t start out writing this post with an anti-AG agenda, I had hoped for some sort of integrity on his part, but since none is forthcomin, well if the shoe fits well I’ll wear them to negotiate this huge pile of shit that I am hearing.

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Stay tuned for more……..



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