The New Face of Justice

Well the Department of Justice has a new face and judging by what we have seen so far it is as if the Trump administration has decided to bare their ass cheeks to the nation and say “fuck all the progress that has been made in the criminal justice system through the last two administrations, we are going to turn back the clock so kiss my ass if you don’t like it!”  Actually that is exactly what Mr.  Sessions is saying he has just not couched it in those words.  But what can we expect when the Attorney General has that Alabama Look in his eyes.

Image result for jeff sessions

Yeah you know that look, the “lynch him!’ look.  Yeah I said it.  But I only said what everyone with any scrap of intelligence already knows, that this man, not because of where he is from, but because of who he is, is an unapologetic racist fanatic and we the people, unfortunately have him at the helm of the very part of goverment that is supposed to be blind and impartial to race, color or creed.

The fact is George W. Bush was a Southern Christian conservative yet he appointed more African Americans to real positions of power (not HUD Secretary like Bill or Donald) than any previous president , as well as beginning the prison and criminal reform so ably continued by the Obama administration.  So being Southern and Christian and conservative does not preclude doing the right thing.

The reality is that this president’s entire cabinet is made up of individuals with which Donald Trump, the ultimate deal maker made deals with to help secure the presidency, and now that they are in the pinnacle positions of power that they sought they have begun to pursue their right-wing agendas.  Have you never wondered why Rudy Giuliani was not made AG?  Quite simply because he is not Machiavelllian enogh for the rest of them.

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The fact is though, they have miscalculated.  Resuming harsh penalties for minor drug offences will not devastate the minority communities as it did in the Nineties, it will instead hit their own voter base, after all the epidemic of opioid addiction has hit Middle America worst than anywhere else and if Sessions’ agenda passes, people like their darling Rush Limbaugh will not get away with a slap on the wrist for illegally possessing hundreds of pills of Oxyconytin.

Image result for rush limbaugh pills

This is a pretty image to me.  Not because I like seeing men and women in orange but because it gives me hope that if Sessions does have his way he will inevitably set up the very events that will lead to this administration not returning for a second term and perhaps Congress becoming a little more bipartisan especially since I know for a fact from personal experience that a significant number of these moralistic and hypocritical lawmakers are popping pills, and engaging in campaign finance fraud on a daily basis.  Let’s see how they react when the AG laws come back to bite their constituents and them in their asses.

Image result for dog biting ass

What a wonderful sight!



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