The Path of Power

There is a bright path which humanity both hopes and fears to tread, for in embracing the benefits enjoyed by walking this path we once again put to test the great falsehood of our beliefs.  We are not inherently altuistic beings as most philosophies would have us believe, for there is actually no goodness and empathy somehow embedded in our very  DNA.

Instead we are greedy monsters grasping at whatever we can snatch from life as we trundle along in the hope of being able to affect our world.

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As we slowly crawled out of that tar pit called selflessness we came to the beautiful realization that Power wants to be wielded by someone and it doesn’t care by whom it is wielded only that it is expressed, exposed and enjoyed   Power is a boundary rarified and complex, one that makes a clear delineation between those who are inside exercising it versus those who are forever stuck outside this boundary and forced to serve those who were strong enough to take a bold leap into the unknown in order to snatch up the reins of Power.

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So that being said why is it so surprising to the world that an administration such as that of Donald Trump would do whatever it takes to protect the pinnacle of power that they have now all acheived,  including lying and commiting acts of extreme treachery, these men and women who in their private lives have become accustomed to being the rulers of their own private fiefdoms.

These are persons who only believe in democracy in so much as it is convenient;  if Donald Trump or any of his cabinet could be crowned rulers in their own right do you believe for a second that they would not?

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These are men who believe that peace is folly, and that war is pleasure because this will grant them more power.  They have snatched Excalibur and beheaded both Arthur and Merlin then gifted the lovely Guinivere with their heads as a present.  And in their haste to pull the sword from the stone they unfotunately have plunged the country into a virtual civil war.  Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  Well it should because this pretty much what Salome did to exercise her power over King Herod in the New Testament.  This weak man cut of John the Baptist’s head because of the power of pussy.  and lokk what end up happening?

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So what exactly am I trying to say?  Is it moral and right to wield Power as one will?  Yes. it is because that is the nature of Power and those who understand how to wield it effectively (not that the Trump administration is doing any such thing).

But Power is the world’s most expensive whore so there will always be someone else who is willing to pay her more than those who are presently enjoying her services.  So instead of complaining about the president that the people of this country elected, for good or for bad, I suggest the people get some money together and buy her contract from the fools who at present think they know what they are doing.   I mean whores are adept at faking pleasure and despite her showmanship it is evident in the haphazard way that our Twitter-loving twit of a president and his cabinet of nincompoops are abusing her services that she is ready to move on.  And Donald trump can’t get mad can he?   After all he,the self-proclaimed master of the deal, if any one, should understand that we,the people simply offered her a better deal.

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