Here is some advice for those of you who perhaps, in light of our present leadership, think that the world is about to end:  if you see a beast rising out of the sea and it has seven heads and ten horns and there is a dragon sitting nearby by it, then you should calmly go and get one of the many assault rifles that the NRA and all the other gun nuts have persuaded you to buy for self-defense and shoot the mother……

Image result for shooting the Beast from revelation

But keep in mind that any idiot can grab a sleeping tiger by the balls but only and madman, a fool or a prophet keeps holding onto them even after they see that the tiger is well and truly pissed off.

Image result for grabbing a dragon by the balls

Now you may wonder why I have written what seems on the surface to be two non-sequiturs, but the fact is that they are related (in my own demented mind at least).

You see we are living in age where the very tenets which make America America are being redefined and transformed on an daily basis, through the Twitter feed of our twit of a president and a general populace who gorge themselves daily with a poor diet of whatever they read on the Internet from the many devices which they have permanently plugged into their empty heads, all the more space to fill with empty calories.

Take for example the tv show the Walking Dead.  It is actually a window into the world today if our world had its sweet and pretty veneer stripped from it and the truth was able to be seen with eyes cleaned of the scales which had previously covered it.  And much like the Walking Dead, humanity would look upon itself and see its present circumstances, this dark and dreadful revelation and just like both the zombies and some of the healthy survivors on the show, it has already started to turn on itself and begin to eat…..

Image result for zombie apocalypse

Our world has become arbitrary and illusory but not because of some idiot in the pinnacle position of leadership but because it was constructed of the materials ingested by the Ineffable Name.  And since these materials were evidently a pile of shit, well you know what they say, “you are what you eat.”


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