Pleasure and Pain

My oldest and closest friend is pain and my worst enemy is pleasure because the former has nothing but my best interests in mind while the latter cares for nothing except itself for its own sake.  Yet this horrible dichotomy, these two conjoined twins cannot ever be separated.  Their was a bloody birth into my world, a birth heralded by the pain of birth versus the pleasure of a mother’s tit.

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So before I could even take my first steps I found myself guilty of hedonism, narcissism, sensualism, and masochism and road filled with a dark fatalism that charmed me with its presence and wit.

But the duplicity of the flesh is exactly that; duplicitous.  In this era of connectivity we have options to experience the world in ways that were previously unheard of.  I mean what man in his right man places ceramic ballbearings under the skin of his John Thomas?

Because of this eternal war between these conjoined twins our inner spaces are rapily becoming wastelands of desolation, despair  with depression and addiction running rampant.  Oh don’t get me wrong, I am by no means advocating some sort of moral transformation, and those of you who know me would quickly shoot down any such hypocritical nonsense especially coming from someone who has live his life as I have, but what I am saying is because of the great paradigm shift which has occured in our world today we need to redefine exactly what it means to interact with our world, because believe me if I had told my granfather, a scientist himself, that in my middle age I would be able to sense electromagnetic fields, always sense due north, and develop my own personal sonar sense, I think he might have looked at me oddly.  But the fact is these things are a reality.  I can go to the local biohacking studio near me and have rare earth magnets inmplanted in my hands that will allow me to sense electromagnetic fields and with a little added tech and a phone app—hey presto! Now I am a human compass, with my own personal sonar.  Yup it’s that easy.

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So what does this say about our present definitions of what it means to be human?  When the conjoined twins no longer reign, when new previously unheard of sensations are possible, then what have we become?

At the end of the day no matter what my words, these things are exactly what it means to be human.  We change the environment, we don’t live within its strictures, and now (sorry Darwin) why should we give a shit about evolution and natural selection, when a smart card and a smart phone can remake me intonwhoever the hell I want to be.

Image result for biohacking body modification

Though I don’t think I’d want to go this far. Ye Gods she (or he, who knows) is hideous.  But then again maybe I’m just old fashioned.  This could be the look of humans in the next 50 years.  What new sensations does this person get to experience that we mundanes do not?


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