The Weaker Sex

The fact is despite what we think men don’t run shit.  Women simply allow us to maintain the illusion of control while quietly keeping the world from falling into the complete ruin that it would be if men actually controlled anything.Image result for women bosses


The sad thing is that most women are really not feminists, yet all men are masculinists (is that a word?)

Image result for masculinist


And if even God didn’t have the strength to kill Lilith for refusing to submit to Adam, then what does that say about Her power?

Image result for lilith refusing adam

And how can women be the weaker sex when men all have their Achilles heel conveniently dangling from a thin, defenseless and dismal sac of flesh between their legs at perfect kicking, punching and biting height?

Image result for kicking testicles

One of these days women are going have enough of us men and our shenanigans and slaughter us all, because the fact is they really don’t need us now do they?

Image result for amazon women


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