Urban Camoflage in a Repressed Society

Ladies, we all know that us men are not the brightest of creatures, at least in comparison to your lovely gender, but even we know that those back massagers that they advertise in the sunday paper are not really for massage now are they?

And we also know that those super complicated shower heads are not really for showering either.

But in your defense ladies, the Victoria’s Secret catalogue is not really for women now is it guys?

Yes it is a gift but for whom?

Don’t you all think it’s about time that, ladies you all admitted to masturbating both in the shower and out and men, to enjoying lingerie not for the joy it brings our women but for the joy it brings us (we already know men masturbate both in and out the shower).  This is what I call Urban Camoflage.   So who’s going to be brave and set the record straight so we can stop trying to pull the wool over each other’s eyes?

And for the record, yeah I love the Victoria’s Secret catalogue, both in the shower and out.  I hope that wasn’t too much information.



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