A Responsible Electorate

Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter said that “our democracy presupposed the deliberative process as a condition of thought and responsible choice by the electorate.’  Really?  Because  I would love to hear how he would explain how the “responsible choice by the electorate” elected Donald Trump to the presidency.

Is this where we are as a people, where a sitting president chooses to to unravel the good work of his predecessors simply out of childish and petulant rage for having been humiliated through his own asinine actions when he was a private citizen, because make no mistake this is what this about.  Because Donald Trump is by no means an idiot; you don’t achieve the level of success in the cutthroat business world that he has and still keep your company private if you are lacking in intelligence.  But that being said he is an idiot.

But until he learns that the Presidency of the United States of America is not a private fifedom, and that he was elected by the people to represent their interests, he will continue to make unilateral and very damaging decisions to the very electorate that he represents such as this latest fiasco with the Paris Accords.

The king is dead!  All hail the king



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