The Christian Conservatives

The country seems to be right now firmly in the grip of the christian conservatives under the aegis of President Trump and his band of misfits.  The attorney general, a so-called christian conservative, wants to turn back the clock on all the progress which was made through G.W. Bush years and the Obama years, and his chief strategist Steve bannon, well he just hates everyone. As for the President himself, well we all know that he is whatever he chooses to be when he wakes up that morning.

But let’s look at that term, “christian conservative.”  I am not going to wiki it because quite frankly there is no dictionary or encyclopedia that explain the contradictions inherent in that very statement, because the early christians, including Jesus himself were far from conservatives, in fact they were at odds with conservatives.  So what does that say about our definition of what it means to be christian?

So with that in mind I have this to say to all the so-called christian conservatives:  when you all die and go to heaven, you self-righteous pricks, kindly tell your god and all his saints, since they seem to be cool with your bullshit, to kiss my hairy black ass.  Yes I said it.

Image result for ass kissing








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