Listen…A Madman Approaches

Listen, a madman approaches


What is your pleasure, pain or praise?

Are you true to the game?

Can you taste sweet victory on my breath

As I exhale my stench upon the world?

It’s pungent this nebulous odor

Not pleasant

Nor helpful

To the wayfarer

Trying to find his way home

What sayeth you?

How archaic

Quaint like marble bird baths

On painted lawns

I battle such pretense

I damn them to the Ninth!

Can they not feel the eye of my despite

Despite my watching them?

But what words can I waft

In their general direction?

What musings of a madman’s mind can I interest

My flock

In munching on?

It is good you know

It is the earth’s richness

Can’t you taste it you blind fool?

Whether your nose is cut off

Or your tongue is split

You are still a philosopher

So philosophize

About us, oh my ungodly muse!


And other such insanities



A madman approaches.




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