They say that if you die in a dream then you die in real life, but how does anyone know the truth of it? For obvious reasons those who have found it to be true, well they’d be dead right? That is what I thought but now I am not so sure. I had a dream last night that I died, or more accurately I was killed and buried and I watched myself from outside of my body being autopsied, embalmed and buried. what was interesting is that it was most certainly me, I felt the pain of my murder, I felt the rage for vengeance but most importantly I knew categorically that I was dead, that I had died in my dream. Yet here I am writing this blog alive, disturbed certainly but alive nonetheless. perhaps it was a premonition? I certainly hope not, because though I don’t fear dying or that which is beyond death, i still have a few more paintings left in me so I am not quite ready to go yet. Who knows maybe I already am dead and this is my after life. Food for thought, though I must say that my source of nourishment is suspect.


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